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  Hi, I am Jen!
Posted by: Jen - 05-18-2017, 08:43 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Hi, I am Jen and I live in Devon in England, UK. 

The gospel is one of my main passions, I do love sharing it with anyone when I have the chance to,  but in no way a public speaker or anything like that. 

I am not keen on forum debates etc, but happy to learn from others and share when I feel I have anything to offer on a topic. 

My salvation was around 25 years ago and I thank the Lord for His faithfulness in that.

I have to say that it was not through any church meeting, conversation or tract I found the Lord, in fact the previous "trendy" gospel attempts of a local Penticostal church convinced me that Christianity was indeed not something I wanted to be any part of. The Lord however graciously met with me unexpectedly,  in a totally worldy setting, when I had no intention of looking for Him, not a Christian in sight, and I have never been the same. 

I have no doubt the faithful prayers of a few believers in my life had a lot to do with that. Seeds had been sown I am sure along the way, but I was too dead and deaf and dumb to take hold of any truth that was offered to me. It is just a good thing the Lord was merciful enough to get hold of me and He has held me in His hand, despite all my failings, ever since.  Heart

Thanks for letting me join the site.

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  Larry Kent - United States
Posted by: Larry Kent - 05-16-2017, 04:27 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

I am the founder of an exciting ministry called On-Tract. 

We feature a tract that is available in 109 languages that powerfully shares the gospel through three stories and may be printed for free. 

We have four videos in English. 

  • Who is Jesus?
  • The Driver, the Convict and the Skydiver  (our gospel presentation)
  • How to start a spiritual conversation
  • Why witness?

I would be honored if you take a look.

Here is a link to our website:

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  Free tracts in 109 languages
Posted by: Larry Kent - 05-16-2017, 04:13 PM - Forum: Gospel Tracts - Replies (2)

Our powerful, one-page gospel tract may be printed for free in 109 languages. 

We know of Muslims who are coming to Christ as a result of reading it and finally understanding who Jesus is.
God bless you.

Larry Kent

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  Tutorial: Adding an event
Posted by: John - 05-14-2017, 11:29 PM - Forum: Forum Help & Advice - No Replies

An event can be shared through the forum by adding it to the event calendar. Simply click on the calendar link in the top menu which will open up the forum calendar. At the bottom left of the calendar you will see the option to add a public event, or add a private event. Simply click a link and fill out the details. If it is a recurring event, there is also the option to automatically publish the event on the calendar at regular intervals. Once completed it will be added to the calendar, and also will appear as a link under "upcoming events" on the index page of the forum.

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  Verse Tags
Posted by: John - 05-14-2017, 11:04 PM - Forum: Forum Help & Advice - Replies (2)

The forum is now equipped with a facility that automatically recognises Bible verses when included in the text of the post. The verse reference will automatically turn into a link that opens a balloon with the Bible text when hovering over the reference, or will open up an online Bible when the verse is clicked. 

Note that single verses: John 3:16

Verse ranges: John 3:14-17

But not entire chapters: John 3

will be tagged in the same way.

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  A New Angle: Digital Tracts
Posted by: John - 05-09-2017, 02:44 AM - Forum: Evangelism - Replies (1)

I know that what comes to mind when speaking about Gospel tracts, is the small printed pamphlets and leaflets that are physically handed to people in everyday circumstances. However I was racking my brain today to see if there was some sort of digital equivalent that could be used to complement the more traditional way of reaching people with the Gospel message. Obviously this is only in the earliest of stages, so I would appreciate feedback on what I've come up with so far.

I fully understand that without prayer and the intervention of the Holy Spirit upon those receiving a tract, it would be an utterly worthless tool. Suffice it to say from the outset then, it is a given that any method of evangelism, regardless of what shape or form it may take, must have its message applied to the heart of a sinner by the working of the Holy Spirit according to the will of God. And to this end our diligent prayers must accompany our efforts in order to be effective.

With all that said, I believe on a practical level there are two main elements needed to make up an effective tract. Firstly there needs to be an element that is able to grab hold of the attention of the person receiving it, and secondly there needs to be the element of being able to accurately and clearly conveying the truth of God's Word in such a way that it can be digested and understood. Obviously these two elements can be clearly seen in the tracts provided by Xpand, but now I would like to show how I believe a similar yet complimentary evangelism tool can be created digitally.

I will approach the second element I mentioned first, which is the message contained within the tract. Because a digital tract would not have the same restrictions as a printed leaflet due to size of material etc., it would be less of an issue to provide a far more in depth explanation of the message being conveyed. The way I would intend to do this would be to create a message that is concise enough to avoid losing the attention of the reader, but clear enough to challenge the reader to explore the matter further. Obviously this pathway can be easily provided with links to more in depth resources covering the subject matter being brought to the readers attention. I suppose this would be the equivalent of the point at which someone receiving a printed tract either tosses it in the nearest bin, or decides to use the information on the tract to explore things more deeply. Just as with a traditional printed tract, the options to vary the message according to the audience are endless, with the same intention of encouraging the reader to consider the matter at hand from a Biblical perspective.

With regard to the ability of the tract to grab the attention of the reader, I had to consider carefully how I envision such a tract could be used. I know that personally I have many online interactions with people on a daily basis, both Christian and non Christian. It would be those people who I would like to share the Gospel message with, yet rarely do I, mainly because of not knowing how to do so effectively, or their complete lack of interest if I'm totally honest. What I believe would be a valuable tool would be something that I could figuratively "drop in the water" so to speak, that had the potential to pique their interest enough to follow a path of their own accord, that would ultimately bring them to the Gospel truth. But how?

I know from personal experience that when I share the Gospel message front and centre on my Facebook feed for example, there is virtually zero response by the majority, even though quite the opposite is true when I share messages that have nothing to do with the Gospel or Christianity in general. However when those same people who care nothing of the Gospel find themselves in the middle of a conversation on such matters by some coincidence, often strong opinions begin rising to the surface. In my opinion, this in itself shows that contrary to the way in which many seem unconcerned about these things, in truth they are matters that clearly do concern them.

What I've decided to do is to attempt to approach from a different angle. Rather than revealing things so clearly from the outset, and giving everyone the clearest of indications to give an extremely wide berth in passing, I will do so more discreetly. My plan is to make use of a service such as offered by the likes of to both shorten and veil the web address of the Gospel message I wish to share. Then instead couple the link with a simple statement inviting the person to contemplate something they would normally try to avoid contemplating, even though in truth they understand the need to, as I pointed out previously.

As a brief example of what I'm trying to describe, imagine that I am having a conversation online with someone that for whatever reason has a contempt for Jesus Christ, and does nothing but ridicule Christianity. I know that if I were to share a post openly describing the work of Jesus Christ upon the Cross on my Facebook page, he would completely ignore it, or possibly leave some dismissive comment without even really taking any time to digest the content of my message. However if instead in saying goodbye to the person, I casually left a comment saying something along the lines of:

"But what if it's all true?"

Obviously the link above just leads to a video on Youtube, but could equally lead to an entirely different message I had constructed in written format, or whatever else would be most appropriate for the situation. Either way, my hope is that this means would bypass the hesitancy of a person who is reluctant to willingly consider the things of God, and instead force them into the conversation, so to speak.

Anyway that's the sum of my idea so far, and I would sincerely appreciate your feedback.  Big Grin

God bless,


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Tongue And it's hello from me!
Posted by: John - 05-08-2017, 12:32 PM - Forum: Introductions - No Replies


My name is John Dunning and I'm a Christian believer who lives in Southampton, U.K., and initially was born and bred in the Black Country area of the West Midlands. I came from a completely non religious background, and became a believer in 1990.

From the time I first came to faith in 1990 to 2008, I spent within the framework of the charismatic church. Over that period I spent a number of years as a worship leader, and by 2008 I was a home (cell) group leader also, which is common practice within charismatic churches. From early 2007 through to the time of the so called "Lakeland Revival" in 2008, I had a number of run-ins with church elders over practices and doctrines they held to, which I found to be in conflict with the Biblical text. Following the debacle of Lakeland, and the sad death of one of our congregation who chose to fly out to the "outpouring", and then refuse treatment for cancer out of denial, I simply could not remain in the charismatic church any longer.

From that time on to today, I have found myself on a journey out of charismaticism into the reformed faith. For about eight years following my leaving the charismatic church, myself and a few other English speaking Christians from around the world, began to share our similar experiences together through a Christian forum we set up for the purpose. This led us to begin exploring the historic Christian faith together, especially as we began to realise our ignorance of so much of historic Christian doctrine that were actually the bedrock of that which the historic church have believed, taught and confessed. In all honesty it was since that time my faith has really developed and grown in Christ, so much so that I find it difficult to know how authentic my faith previously had actually been. I still remember the first question we asked amongst ourselves on the forum, and that was "What is the Gospel?". To our shame we all found it difficult to define apart from personal "feelings", and it was then we realised the utter need to know what we believe as Christians, and why we believe it!

Since my 2008 departure from the charismatic church, and also the experience of my whole family at that time leaving us feeling as our hearts had been ripped out, I have found it a long hard road trying to fit back into the church again. Don't get me wrong, I understand the necessity for Christian fellowship for all believers, and I do have a genuine love for fellow believers, but I would be a liar to suggest that some fears and concerns aren't still present within me which still affect my Christian fellowship at times.

Although the time I spoke of previously with other online Christians has now run it's course and all have gone their own way (though we still keep in touch out of love for one another), I still am very active on the internet. I have published a number of personal blogs over the years, which has now culminated in my current project called The Gospel Network which is aimed at proclaiming the Gospel and defending the Christian faith, and providing resources to enable others to do the same. I also have constructed and maintain a number of websites for other Christian brothers and sisters as a free service where possible, which are still currently active.

That's enough about me personally anyway, other than to say I hope and pray many Christians are encouraged and emboldened through this forum to proclaim Jesus Christ and Him crucified and risen again with zeal. Big Grin

God bless,


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  Photos of where you leave Gospel tracts
Posted by: Nigel Williams - 05-07-2017, 02:10 PM - Forum: Evangelism - No Replies

Please use this thread to post photos of where you leave your Gospel tracts. Here is a recent one from me...

[Image: 18194808_660753244111244_527244691341163...e=5986381A]

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  Do you witness to JWs?
Posted by: Nigel Williams - 05-07-2017, 01:00 PM - Forum: Evangelism - Replies (5)

Does anyone here witness to JWs? We at Xpand are considering a designing a reference card to give away with the tracts we distribute. This can be for Christians to use when they are visited by JWs. Please post below if you witness to JWs and what you do with them.

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  Tracts Stories
Posted by: Nigel Williams - 04-13-2017, 04:34 PM - Forum: Gospel Tracts - No Replies

Here is an amazing tract story - feel free to post yours:

One Crumpled Tract
I CAME TO KNOW THE LORD through a simple crumpled piece of paper. It was a gospel tract. 
For some time in my life I had been very upset. feeling the weight of sin and guilt. I could not find employment, and I decided life was not worth living. One day I went to the railroad station with the intention of throwing myself in front of a passing train. 
I am a Muslim, one of many in the Asian country where I live. I started talking to Allah. “I am in such a predicament. Would you please help me? If you don’t help me, I’m going to jump in front of a train and kill myself.” 
I thought about my parents and realized that if I committed suicide, I would not see them again. I was very confused. While I was trying to sort it out in my mind, the train passed. Here I had wanted to throw myself in its path, but I was too distracted to hear it coming! The speeding train stirred up the usual debris as it went by me - dirt, gravel, bits of waste. scraps of paper. A wadded-up piece of paper rolled to a stop at my feet; it looked like paper that had been used by a vendor on the train to wrap peanuts for a customer. 
Sitting there thinking, I ignored the paper for a time. But then for some reason I picked it up and smoothed it out. My eyes focused upon it, and I read the words, “Good News,” What news could be good, I wondered? 
I read further. It said that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Prince of Peace. A simple message followed. As I read the paper, I began to feel a little peace coming to me. I read it again and again. Darkness came, so I moved under a light and continued reading that piece of paper, each time feeling more peaceful inside. 
I thought. Who is this Jesus? As a Muslim I had always been taught to hate the Name of Jesus. But then I didn’t know before that He offered peace!
I stayed until ten that night reading that same piece of paper. The peace continued to come to me, and I began weeping. I was not even aware of the crowds of people coming and going around me. 
Finally I went home and ate some food, but I went on reading that same message throughout the night. I didn’t know how to pray to the Christian’s God, but I began talking to Him as a person. saying, “You claim to give peace. and I don’t know anything about it. But I would like to have the peace You offer.” After that I had a very good sleep. 
For the next six months I read the same message over and over again. I had nothing else to help me. Then I got the idea that a Christian church would have the Book that the paper talked about. so I found a church. Near the altar was a Bible. After reading some of it. I didn’t want to leave it. Every day I walked six mlles to the church so I could read the Bible for a couple of hours. 
One day the pastor of the church told me that an evangelistic meeting was going on in a certain place. The meeting was conducted by an Assemblies of God church, and I decided to attend. When I heard the message given by the speaker, I was fully convinced in my heart of the truth being spoken and I surrendered myself to Jesus Christ. I became acquainted with the pastor in charge of evangelism, and he let me buy a Bible. How excited I was to have one of my very own!
I continued to attend the meetings. When my parents realized how involved I was, they became very upset and angry. The Muslims from my community began to discuss what they should do about my becoming a Christian. They called my parents to a special meeting in the mosque and told them that their son had been unfaithful to his religion. My mother talked with me, asking me to keep quiet about what I was doing because people were not liking what they heard. But I had so much joy I wanted to tell everyone! 
I borrowed Christian books and read them. One day the people in my community came to me, gathered my books, and burned them. They threatened my parents that if they didn’t drive me away, they would be in trouble. When my parents came under this pressure, they gave me an ultimatum: I would have to leave my new religion or leave them. 
My family believed that I had become mentally unbalanced. They felt that, if they sent me away for awhile, I would become “normal” again. Before I left, my parents gathered some of the Muslim religious leaders, who performed one last religious ceremony in an attempt to change me. It did not work! 
My parents sent me away to an island off the coast of my country. What they didn’t know was I had locked my Bible away in a little box, and I took it with me. They believed that some months spent in seclusion would restore my mental health. Actually it gave me an unlimited time and freedom to study the Bible! All by myself, reading God’s Word, I could feel Jesus Christ so close. 
I read in the Bible about water baptism and I felt I must be baptized. When at last I returned to the big city, I looked up an address that had been given me at the evangelistic meeting. It was a large Assemblies of God church. I met with one of the pastors and arranged to be baptized. 
Being a Muslim and very family-oriented, I could not resist getting in touch with my family again. They warned me that if I took Christian baptism, they would beat me and never let me enter their home again. But I determined to follow the Lord and I was baptized. 
Sometime later I went to visit my parents. I found a Muslim religious leader in my house who asked me why I had left my religion to go to the Christians. I told him I followed Jesus because He had given me joy and peace. I explained that Muhammad had spread his religion by using force, but that Jesus Christ uses love, and I had experienced that love.
The Muslim leader and my family became so annoyed that they took their shoes off and began to beat me. In my culture, using a shoe for this purpose is a most degrading thing. Then they threw me out of the house and locked the door. 
For the next three years I had no home. I slept on train platforms, sometimes staying with a friend, going from place to place trying to find employment and a place to live. Through a series of people I met a man in charge of a Christian outreach program who kindly employed me. I have worked there ever since. 
One day I went to a hospital to visit a patient. There I met a man whom I had known from childhood. Before I was converted, I had belonged to a secret Communist group that petformed various acts of crime, and this man was the leader of the group. Naturally he had become very angry when I became a Christian, not only because we both belonged to the same group, but also because he was a fellow Muslim. 
When we saw each other at the hospital, I didn’t know what to do except smile. 
This only made him excited and angry. I went to him, put my arm on him, and started talking. I asked him why he was so angry and what I had done to hurt him. He pushed me against the wall and answered, “I’m going to murder you for what you have done.” 
But I said, “Before you murder me, won’t you listen to what I have to tell you?” 
He didn’t want to listen, but I silently asked the Lord to help me speak to him. As we walked outside to an open space, he got a little calmer and asked what I had to say. I knew he was thinking that if he got me outside, he could kill me. During all this time I was praying to the Lord, asking Him for strength.
I began explaining why I had become a Christian, telling the story of what I had experienced. I told him that if he would accept Christ, he would have the same peace in his life that I had discovered. 
For the first time my friend began to listen. I offered to pray for him, and he kept quiet. He would not tell me his home address, but we arranged to meet again. 
After two days we met again. I had many gospel tracts to give him, and again I shared my testimony. When I asked if I could pray for him to receive Christ, he laughed; but then he gave me permission to pray. I urged him to read the tracts to find out what God could do for him. We set a date to meet again. 
At the next meeting my former leader told me that when he had left the last time, he had ridden home in a crowded bus. While on the bus he read the tracts, and the truth began hitting him “like a hammer.” He had become convinced of the truth of the message, and now he wanted to know what he should do. I told him to just surrender his life to Christ and receive Him into his heart. We walked to the end of the park and prayed together. With tears in his eyes he said, “I am feeling that someone is touching me.” He asked me to go to church with me, and we attended the next service together. I loaned him my Bible, which he smuggled into his house to read. Eventually he was baptized in water. Now the hunter was the hunted one!
He too had to change employment. He could not safely return to his community. Someone in the church arranged a job for him, and he is now a staff member involved in evangelizing others! Though the party people have enticed him with more money and a better job, he cannot go back. He has indeed found the peace of God, and his past life holds no attraction. Previously he had been such a terror, it showed on his countenance. He now has a beautiful smlle, as peaceful as that of a little child. 
We are both members of the local church and working for Jesus. It was all because of a crumpled piece of paper, spewed out by a speeding train that was supposed to end my life. Instead it brought peace - the Prince of Peace.
(the tract is produced and distributed by Evangelical Tract Distributors (

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