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Tutorial: How to include Video/Audio in posts.
There is a facility built into this forum that automatically embeds the majority of video and audio files that are linked to externally. For example, if you just place a link to a Youtube video, or a .mp3 file, or the majority of other major video and audio file types, it will appear there in your post when you publish it. To avoid this happening, you must highlight the link text, and then click on the  [Image: amoff.png]  icon just below the text editor window. This will encase the link with a shortcode that will prevent the media being embedded in the post. 

Here is an example:

I will first of all place a link to an mp3 here -

As you can see, the link has been replaced with an mp3 player automatically so that the file can be played directly from the post. Now however I will put the same link but will use the method described above:
This time the link is clearly visible and no player visible.

What you will see in the text editor when you do this is the following code:


This facility doesn't just work for Youtube and mp3, mp4 files etc., but loads of different media. The full list of media sites that a link will automatically embed the media from the external site can be found here:


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